Monday, February 22, 2016

How to define race and ethnicity: Even the U.S. Census isn't sure...

Check out this article on how the U.S. Census Bureau is once again considering changing the way it collects race and ethnic data...

Welcome to the world of blogging...

Hi Class,

Your blog is like an online journal.  You will be able to respond to topics discussed in the course and dialog with your fellow students and instructor via your blog.

For your first post tell me something about yourself.  Draw on what you included in your "Who I Am" essay.  You could include stuff like your family background, neighborhood, culture, interests, etc.

For your second post I want you to answer the following questions...

1. What is “race”?

 2. What is “ethnicity”?

 3.  What is “nationality”?

 How are they similar?  How are they different?

 Work with a fellow student. Use the handout I provided to find answers to these questions.

 Check out these following links to try and find an answer:

 Webster's Dictionary
How does the dictionary define these terms.  Copy and paste the most appropriate usage you  find at the above link.  BUT CREDIT THE SOURCE!  Provide a link and explain to your reader that you took it from the Webster's Dictionary website. Race Website
We will be using this website a lot in this course.  What does it say about these terms?

Happy Blogging